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Membership Options (All prices exclude sales tax)

Private Memberships
Premium Monthly Membership¥30,000
6 Month Membership Special¥180,000 (Pay for 6 months, get the 7th month FREE)
12 Month Membership Special¥360,000 (Pay for 12 months, get the 13th,14th & 15th month FREE)
・ This includes use of all Classes with instructors / Open Gym hours and rental towels.
・¥5,000(including tax) certificate for purchase of HALEO supplements and gear at HALEO DKY.
※Valid exclusively for purchase of HALEO products.
Weekday (Mon-Fri during hours of business)¥19,000
Weekend (Sat-Sun during hours of business)¥11,905
・ This includes use of all Classes with instructors / Open Gym hours.
Temporary Membership (30 days)¥36,000※Currently unavailable.
・ This includes use of all Classes with instructors / Open Gym hours and rental towels.
・ Valid for 30 Days
Open Gym Membership (7 days during open hours only. No classes.)¥11,905
・ Includes use of facilities during Open Gym hours
・ Private coaching available, see fee table below
Drop In Membership (1 day)¥3,704
Drop In Ticket Package (12 drop ins)¥37,037(Buy 10 pack of Drop in tickets and get 2 FREE)※New packages currently unavailable.
・ Includes full use of the facilities, group classes and open gym
We will require that Drop-In participants fulfill at least one of the following conditions:
・ Holds current CrossFit Level One Trainers' Certificate
・ Has completed the RCF Daikanyama On Ramp course (8 classes)
・ Has provided a letter of introduction from the owner/coach of their CrossFit affiliate stating their competence in the basic movements
・ Has completed the introductory course of another CrossFit affiliate and can demonstrate their competence in the basic movements

Note: Reservations required

Private & Semi-Private Coaching
1 Person¥10,000
2 People¥16,000
3 People¥21,000
4 People¥24,000
5 People¥25,000
5+ People¥4,500/ person
・One session is 60 minutes
・ All Private and semi-Private Coaching can be scheduled during Open Gym Times
・ Please schedule private coaching at least one day prior
・ For visiter, we will charge Drop in fee
・ Payment accepted on day of private coaching

Face and bath towel set¥300
T-shirts,Half pants,Shoes ¥500 each

Membership Start Up
・ Membership fee for the first month of joining is calculated at ¥1,000 per day remaining in the month of enrollment
・ The following month starts as regular monthly fee
For monthly bank withdrawals, please provide the following documentation during sign up:
■ Identification (One of the following: Identification card, passport, or driver's license)
■ Bank book with Hanko/Signature
※We require an advance payment for first three months of your new membership

Payment Options
Cash ・ Credit card ・ Credit card withdraw ・ Bank account withdraw
Credit card and bank account withdraw is made on the 27th of each month