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Please contact us for membership vacancy.

Membership Options (All prices exclude sales tax)

Sign up fee¥10,000

Private Memberships
Premium Monthly Membership¥30,000
6 Month Membership Special¥180,000 (Pay for 6 months, get the 7th month FREE)
12 Month Membership Special¥360,000 (Pay for 12 months, get the 13th,14th & 15th month FREE)
・This includes use of all Classes with instructorsOpen Gym hours.
・Free rental towels.
・10%points for purchase of HALEO supplements and gear at HALEO DKY.
・¥5,000(including tax) certificate for purchase of HALEO supplements and gear at HALEO DKY for the first time Premium member ship.
※If you like to know about this information, please ask out staff.
※One person for one certification.
Weekday (Mon-Fri during hours of business)¥19,000
Weekend (Sat-Sun during hours of business)¥11,905
・ This includes use of all Classes with instructors / Open Gym hours.
Open Gym Membership (7 days during open hours only. No classes.)¥11,905
・ Includes use of facilities during Open Gym hours
・ Private coaching available, see fee table below
Drop In Membership (1 day)¥3,728
Drop In Ticket Package (12 drop ins)¥37,037(Buy 10 pack of Drop in tickets and get 2 FREE)※New packages currently unavailable.
・ Includes full use of the facilities, group classes and open gym
We will require that Drop-In participants fulfill at least one of the following conditions:
・ Holds current CrossFit Level One Trainers' Certificate
・ Has completed the RCF Daikanyama On Ramp course (8 classes)
・ Has provided a letter of introduction from the owner/coach of their CrossFit affiliate stating their competence in the basic movements
・ Has completed the introductory course of another CrossFit affiliate and can demonstrate their competence in the basic movements

Note: Reservations required

Private & Semi-Private Coaching
1 Person¥10,000
2 People¥16,000
3 People¥21,000
4 People¥24,000
5 People¥25,000
5+ People¥4,500/ person
・One session is 60 minutes
・ All Private and semi-Private Coaching can be scheduled during Open Gym Times
・ Please schedule private coaching at least one day prior
・ For visiter, we will charge Drop in fee
・ Payment accepted on day of private coaching

Face Towel¥110
Bath Towel¥210
Face and bath towel set¥310
T-shirts,Half pants,Shoes ¥510 each

Membership Start Up
・ Membership fee for the first month of joining is calculated at ¥1,100 per day remaining in the month of enrollment
・ The following month starts as regular monthly fee
For monthly bank withdrawals, please provide the following documentation during sign up:
■ Identification (One of the following: Identification card, passport, or driver's license)
■ Bank book with Hanko/Signature
※We require an advance payment for first three months of your new membership

Payment Options
Cash ・ Credit card ・ Credit card withdraw ・ Bank account withdraw
Credit card and bank account withdraw is made on the 27th of each month