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[Please contact us for membership vacancy.]

INFORMATION: New membership fee (Effective on July, 2024)

To whom it may concern,

Thank you for your support to CrossFit DAIKANYAMA. Please be informed that we are going to update the membership fee from July 2024, due to the increased cost such as rent, CrossFit’s royalties, and utilities. We are very sorry for the additional burden. However, each of us will keep improving our skill as a coach, enrich the program and operate our facilities safely. Again, thanking you all for your understanding and your continued cooperation.

[Month of update]July 2024
[Price increase]JPY2,000 per month before the tax
[New pricing]

Memberships Current(taxed)
until June 30, 2024
New price(taxed)
after July 1, 2024
Premium ¥33,000 ¥35,200
6-month Premium ¥198,000 ¥211,200
12-month Premium ¥396,000 ¥422,400
Weekdays(Mon-Fri during hours of business) ¥20,900 ¥23,100
Weekend(Sat-Sun during hours of business) ¥13,200 ¥15,400
Monthly 8 ¥22,000 ¥24,200
Monthly 4 ¥13,200 ¥15,400
Open Gym ¥13,200 ¥15,400

Membership Options(All prices exclude sales tax)

Sign up fee¥11,000

Note: Reservations required
Premium Monthly Membership¥35,200
6 Month Premium Membership¥211,200(Pay for 6 months, get the 7th month FREE)
12 Month Premium Membership¥422,400(Pay for 12 months, get the 13th,14th & 15th month FREE)
・Available to access all classes and open gym.
・Free rental towels.
・10%points for purchase of HALEO supplements and gear at HALEO DKY.
Weekday(Mon-Fri during hours of business)¥23,100
Weekend(Sat-Sun during hours of business)¥15,400
Monthly 4¥15,400
・You have access to any classes guided by an instructor and Open gym for 4 times per month.
※If you take a class and use open gym on the same day, it is counted as one dose.
Monthly 8¥24,200
・You have access to any classes guided by an instructor and open gym for 8 times per month.
※If you take a class and use open gym on the same day, it is counted as one dose.
Open Gym Membership(7 days during open hours only. No classes.)¥15,400
・Includes use of facilities during Open Gym hours
Member Drop In(1 day)¥3,300
Open gym Drop-in(1 day)¥3,300
Drop In(Visitor)¥4,400
・Includes full use of the facilities, group classes and open gym
※We accept Drop-in of our members and ones with CrossFit experience outside.
To make a reservation as non-members, please contact us through phone call or email.
Cancel fee ¥2,200
Please fill out the membership-hold paper and pay ¥1,100
membership-freeze fee before the 10th of the month

1 month Rental Locker(Premium members)¥1,650
1 month Rental Locker¥2,200
★Rental fee(shoes・T-shirts・shorts for each)¥500
★Rental Towel(Large)¥200
★Rental Towel(Small)¥100
All-set package¥1,000
※★all rentals are included.

Membership Start Up
■Prepaid monthly membership fee(for 2 months)
* The monthly membership fee to be paid at the time of sign-up varies depending on the start date of use and membership.

Payment Options
・Please pay by cash or credit card for the first payment.
・After that, you can choose from cash payment or online credit card payment.
* For online credit card payment, the membership fee for the next month will be automatically transferred on the 20th of each month.